Time 2.0 #3
Written by Angie 
Time 2.0

When a contract with a client ends, I always ask what the most important thing is, they took from our work and what they will focus on next. 

A young real-estate broker told me, she learned the importance of acting simple, short and direct. (Which basically means, she learned to focus.) And she wants to focus on her time-spending-habits next. 

This description shows, that she is suffering the main problem most people have when it comes to time.

But lets go one step back first. My clients usually know how to make money. (They just hire me to make it faster and easier. :-) When someone knows that, he or she usually gets another challenge. Which is, too short days, for all they want to do. So the challenge is about time. 

Can we make more time? The answer is Yes and No.

Common knowledge is, that time is relative. And constructed. But what does that mean? In short, it means, that only day and night exists, but hours, minutes and years are a concept which we all use.

But, we don't use it very wisely. Because if we would, we would’t experience the feeling of not having enough time, we would know, that we have all the time we need, to do all that we want to do!

Most people with this problem, already tried a lot of things. They try to increase their performance, they buy extra software and tools, that should help them to be more productive (with the idea to make better use of their given time), they attend time-management-trainings or send their staff to time-management-trainings ;-), … you can continue the list with all the things you tried to change your time-spending-habits and productivity.

And you may already have experienced that it doesn't work. Or maybe not as you had wished it would. And if it does, the effort is usually tremendous. (Compared to the really necessary investment of time, money and energy.)

But there is an easy solution: Time 2.0 

Time 2.0 is developed because I had more and more clients who wanted a lot. And i had to take a look at what I did, to make so many things happen, that whenever I talked to somebody about, I always got the response that it looks, as if I would live 3 lives in one. 

The short explanation is, that people try to make changes on the level where the problem exists - behaviours and skills. That doesn't work or just with huge energy-investment. You need to start further up the pyramid.

So this is the process I developed, to help my clients become limitless regarding time.

1.     Take a paper and a pen and write down all your thoughts and believes regarding time. Write as long as thoughts are coming. Time in general, time and work, time and money, time and your clients, time and family, time and age, time and health, time and … everything.

2.     Now take one believe or thought, that you feel, you really don't like it.

3.     Now find the opposite of it. Find something that you would love to be true, but you think that it is really impossible to have or be.

4.     Here is an example. This young real estate broker said: “Good clients need more. So I need more time for them, to make them satisfied. So if I want to make more money, I need to work more.” - The opposite would be: “Its easier to make more money, than less.”

5.     When you found the opposite, make a conscious decision to change your believe. 
Now take time everyday, to say the sentence a couple of times. IMAGINE AND FEEL this kind of situation/reality. 

6.     You will find, that you experience situations from both sides, - the old and the new, so that you can learn to see the difference. 

You need to learn to make the right choices and to create a neurological pathway in your brain, for this new thinking. (Which is focus and repetition, until the new thinking is stronger than the old.) 
Because remember: what we think creates our filters (what we see and how we act) and therefore our reality. 

Successful changing-times or time-changing or both … Angie

p.s. And if you want help with your time-believe-list reach out and book a free strategy-session.


Angie supports smart people to breath live into their visions and dreams and make them real.
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