7 Reasons to improve your leadership skills now #2
Written by Angie on May 22th 2017
Hi everyone. 

Do you know this guy? Maybe not, but for sure, his most famous picture! Remember some workers, sitting on a skyscraper-joist like this, having lunch, looking really relaxed...? I know, in todays photoshop-times, we can hardly imagine the pic being real and not shoped, but well, it is!

Would you like to have such a cool crew at work for you? Being relaxed even in the most distracting and scary circumstances?

But, wait, there is more. Think about the guy who took the picture of photographer Charles C. Ebbetts at work!? 

Would you like to have a backup like this? 

If your answer to this two questions is yes - then this 7 tips will help you get there. 
And if you are lucky enough being a biz-owner with such a fearless right hand, that holds your back and with an amazing team - well good news for you too! These tips will help you get even more out of your awesome crew! 

But before I handle you the map to get there, I’ll give you a little bit of a background info:

A scientist in Switzerland discovered something he then called mirror-neurons. These neurons flirting through our brains are the reason, of every kind of empathy. So basically the are the reason why we feel uncomfortable when somebody close to us, that we care about, feels uncomfortable himself. 

And well of course not just uncomfortable - it works also with positive emotions and feelings. We can feel joy, when someone we love is happy, right?… (Well, not every time. But thats another story for another post.)

So in short, these capacity can be used for improvement. How? By checking our own state. And by using the result of the check-in with ourself to change what we don't like. AND, the even more interesting thing here is, by seeing things in others that we don't like, as mirror of our inner landscape, with all the hidden treasures and fallouts and blind spots and dark sides.

Which we then see better in the mirrors in front of us, to be able to change according our true wants and likes. Isn't this amazing news?

If you have something around you that you don't like, well fuck yourself and not the others! And here is how:

 1.      Acknowledge that you don't know all.

 2.      And that there is a gap between the biz-owner that you are right now, and the biz-owner of your next goal or challenge. (And know, you are only as good as your next challenge....)

3.       Embrace that you have an old, an current and a future Self.

4.       And that you need to do something to get from here to there.

5.       See your next challenge as your first chance to become the best possible version of yourself.

6.       Let your feelings guide you. They are the map for your practical improvements. As soon as you feel uncomfortable in a situation, you found gold. Dig deeper and see whats below the surface. What is really troubling you.

7.       And then decide, how you want to think and act and be in such situation in the future. Let me repeat. It is a decision. And the funny things with decisions is - you only have to make them once. (If you find yourself not acting accordingly then you know, you didn't make the decision. Its only as simple as that.) 

May the force be with you!


Angie supports smart business-owners to breath life in their visions and make them real.
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