Why "ideal" should be the most important word in your business #1
Written by Angie 

In one of my clients recent training-call-template, where the following questions: 

We need to hire. But how do we get qualified staff? How can we optimise our product- or service-portfolio? How do we get the clients that we want? 
A bunch of questions I would say. - But surprisingly easy to answer. 

Here a few background informations.

My client recently became CEO. He took the position from his father, after being in biz for a couple of years. The family-business grew from 50 to 320 employees in one generation and from a few, to around 100 Millions in revenue. Of course this creates a couple of nice challenges!

Add the fact, that they are in production-area and have to deal with increasing raw-material-prices and high investments in tech-stuff - well, I think, you get the picture. 

Interestingly, there is a nice and simple answer to all these questions. One single word: IDEAL. 


Most businesses are used to take every client they get, as long as they can serve him well. Wrong choice. You need YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS. And only them. No exception. 

And therefore, you as CEO and your sales team, need to know when to say NO. Who these clients are, is unique for each business and changes through the development of the biz-leaders, the company itself and their employees.

But a culture and mindset of “there is always enough for everybody” needs to be present on every level of a business. 

Next, you need an IDEAL PORTFOLIO. No matter if you are in production, or real estate or in a service-based business. And even if the portfolio is unique for each business, there are criteria that are of same importance for each industry. The portfolio has to be highly related to your IDEAL CLIENT AND YOUR SPECIAL EXPERTISE AND YOUR COMPANIES DEVELOPMENTAL SITUATION.

Third. Your IDEAL CLIENTS and your IDEAL OFFER tells you, whom you need to hire. And also, whom you need to let go. Which is an art of itself and most businesses struggle with this. (Almost the same, as they struggle with letting go of clients that are no longer an ideal fit.)

I know thats not easy. Its money and for more even more important, over time, clients become almost friends. And everybody knows, how hard it is, to let a friend go. But some are for life and others aren't. A business-owner needs to know this difference clearly.

Knowing this, gives you true power. The power to go for your ideal clients, your ideal offer and your ideal team! The power to serve those that “belong” to you, extraordinary! 

All this, has a lot to do with mindset. Imagine clients and employees, that are with you and your business by conscious choice and not just for security or whatever strange reasons; people who work with you, because they love what they do and what you do and not just because they lack options; people that see perspectives and people who know, they get what they need - even when their needs will change! 

Partners on every level, that aren't there because they are afraid of, or to lazy to change - but instead, want to work with you! This kind of partners are fearless, loyal and create excellent work - and a world we all want to belong to. 

Lets go for no less than the IDEAL!


Angie supports business-owners with 60-second-solutions, to create powerful unions, free energy and time and make more money.
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